Conference 2018

The Pluralism in Economics 2018 Conference on the topic of Capitalism and Inequality happened 23 June 2018 and was a resounding success!

Capitalism and Inequality

Capitalism – that is an economic system where individuals can own and use capital privately. Who, specifically, are those individuals? Why acquire capital in the first place? And, who is legitimised to own? Why? Do all individuals around the globe have the same power and equal opportunities to acquire capital? We certainly do not think so.

Wealth, rights, resources, agency – these ‘goods’ among others are distributed disturbingly unequally to regions, countries, ethnic groups, and individuals around the globe. Oxfam has shown that in 2017, eight men (!) own the same wealth as the poorest half of humanity which consists of 3.6 billion other people.

How is this related to a capitalist economic system? Is such inequality inherent to capitalism? If yes, why has no revolution taken place so far? Why do we accept such circumstances? What can we change, and how?

Understanding these issues demands interdisciplinary investigation which the PINE conference 2018 will contribute to. Consequential to the idea of Pluralism in Economics, we will discuss inequality applying views stemming from various disciplines, among them Economics and Political Philosophy. Together with experts, we will diversely conceptualise (in)equality on a theoretical level which we will then apply to contemporary examples.

We want to bring theory and praxis, experts and students, work and leisure together – to take matters on the so overdue change.

Conference 2018 Poster: Capitalism & Inequality


Introductory Lecture: Four Arguments on Inequality by Prof. Dr. Teun Dekker

Our conference will be divided in three tracks, each offering a special approach to the topic of Capitalism & Inequality. In the registration form, you will have to choose one of the following options:

Track 1: Global Inequality & Capitalism by Prof. Dr. Kaj Thomsson

Track 2: Environment & Capitalism by Leida Rijnhout

Track 3: Marxist Perspectives on Inequality by Prof. Dr. René Gabriëls

Each track consists of a theoretical session and a practical session in which you apply the theoretical framework.


108 Participants - what a success!

Published: Thu, 7 Jun 2018

Last Updated: Sat, 20 Apr 2019